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Recent case studies have demonstrated that short bouts of exercise at various times of the day are just as effective as one thirty-minute or longer exercise session. If a ten-minute session two or three times a day works best with your schedule, then plan on it. Plan to exercise first thing in the morning for ten minutes, then once again before or after lunch and then finally the last ten-minute session in the evening. And remember, my suggested exercise routine will normally not make you perspire profusely and need to shower afterward. You may be able to close your office door, perform three or four exercises in about ten minutes, then resume work. Or perhaps while watching your favorite television show, you can perform a few exercises during the commercials. Or turn your "coffee" break into a ten-minute exercise break. The choice is yours. Just know that you can exercise for brief periods of time throughout the day if that's the most effective way to keep you consistent and still produce dramatic results.

Finally, I'd like to call your attention to recent research that supports the benefits of short bouts of exercise performed at home. A study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association separated 148 sedentary women into three groups. The first group performed a traditional one-hour exercise session, the second did multiple short bouts of exercise in a health club or gym, and the third did multiple short bouts of exercise with home exercise equipment. At the end of the eighteen-month program, weight loss was significantly greater in the third group who performed short bouts of exercise in the home. The researchers concluded that "access to home exercise equipment facilitated adherence to the exercise program and may thus explain this group's improvement in long-term weight loss." So keep in mind, the more convenient the location of the exercise equipment, the more apt you are to use it.