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I began to understand that there is no food that is intrinsically good or bad; it's what we eat those foods with that has potential instead. Being fat has little to do with what you eat or how much you eat but rather the combinations of the foods you eat. The key is digestion. As long as food is fully digested, fully processed through the body, you will not gain weight. It's only undigested food, food that is "stuck" in your body, for whatever reason, that accumulates and becomes fat.

I began developing a system of eating based on enzymatic laws. There were no rules, nothing to go by except the facts to be gathered from widely disparate sources and applied together, synthesized, and tested. What better subject than myself? I began building a process by experimenting on myself.

I first experimented just with the "good" foods, the "diet" foods I knew would worklean meat, skinless chicken, cottage cheese, and broiled fish. Of course they worked. But to make this a day-to-day reality for me, I knew I had to include all the foods I loved, all the foods I had previously blown my diet for. I knew myself well enough to realize I could only stick to a controlled regimen for so long. Here's where it got tricky.

The other diets were all the same, give or take a few celery sticks. Each dictated no bread, no pasta, no potatoes, no sweets. Well, big deal! No wonder they worked. But forever?